5 practical Tips For Building Brand Advocates


More often than not, a lot of us care about what others think of us. We care about how people perceive us and we do our best to project a favourable image. We also care to surround ourselves with people who would speak good about us in our absence.

Just like we do, corporate brands care about their image and what the public says about them.  This goes without saying that every brand needs advocates that will share their personal testimonials in a manner that portrays the brand in good light. 

Unlike previous times where word of mouth was the primary means individuals had to share their opinions about a brand, the rise of social media has given the general public an avenue to express their opinion on a global platform.

It begs the question, how can brands build loyalty and raise advocates who would consistently speak good about them? Let’s find out!.

  1. Great employee relations and management

What employers say about a brand will greatly shape how the general public perceives it. People trust the personal experience of employees because they have first hand information about the ideals and operations of the brand. As such, brands must consider their staff as advocates and treat them as critical stakeholders. Internal communications must be given utmost importance.

  1. Efficient customer service delivery

While it is important for brands to project a favourable image in the media, they must prioritise cultivating a great customer relations culture. Actions speak louder than words, what the customers experience when they come in contact with a brand’s product or service would greatly shape their perception of the brand.

  1. Cordial Media Relations

The media serves as the first hand source of information for many of us. What we read or see in the media influences our perception and decision making. In view of this, brands scramble to secure positive mentions in the media. The key to getting regular positive mention in the media is to build an excellent relationship with journalists and editors. 

  1. Strong social media presence

Any brand without social media presence has serious assessments to do. But, having a social media presence is not enough, maintaining an active presence is important. When brands engage with their existing and potential customers on social media, they have a chance to build relationships with them. In turn, the happy customers can become advocates for the brand.

  1. Cordial Influencer relations

Influencers shape conversations on social media platforms and their opinions are easily amplified due to large followings. Without a doubt, no brand can afford having a macro influencer or a group of micro influencers make scathing comments about it. As such, brands need to be deliberate about building a cordial relationship with opinion leaders on social media.

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